A dog park, two crazy dog ladies & a dream...


Trixie Treats was born in a dog park. Owners Jayne Cabigas and Abbey Pritchett met at the water bowls, as their dogs Skippy and Roy were playing, and an idea became a company. They love their dogs and some might even think they are crazy dog ladies, but they want the best for their furry family and yours. 


Trixie Treats are made with ingredients dogs love and nutrients they need.  Every cookie is made by hand in small batches with top quality food and organic grains and seeds.  The main grains in the cookies are organic brown rice, oatmeal, flax and chia seeds to add extra protein and Omega 3s for brain health.  No wheat, corn, soy or animal byproducts are used in Trixie Treats, so they are great for dogs with sensitive stomachs.  Because they care about your dog’s health and safety, Trixie Treats are baked in a professional inspected kitchen and sealed FDA food-safe packaging. 



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